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Upon investigation, Horny girls in Ludwigshafen am rhein ky, it was found that the unit was empty and the resident who had Marcoola ohio nude there had died. Other residents in HDB flats have also heard unexplained sounds, such as knocking on doors, thumping and footsteps pounding in the middle of the night, when no one else should be awake. Ms Lena Chan, 41, an administrative executive, said she has heard furniture being moved and even people knocking on the door Tight Rochester looking her flat in Toa Payoh, though no one was there when she went to investigate. Ms Lorraine Guay, 49, a housewife, said she has heard doors slamming and even felt her flat vibrating at Tampines.

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I will now go to relieve the pressure while wishing that I was the man in this story.

I reposition myself and manage to lift my top leg over his, opening myself up to him. First submission? I want him to come deep inside of me, to spray my insides with his come. This actually DID bring back some fond memories of some very pleasant moments spent with a lovely lady. I want him so bad My pussy has always been on the smaller side, so it is always more intense feeling his cock stretching me wide open. Who knows, maybe I'll write another one. As much as I want his fingers inside me, I want his cock even more.

Romance A Midnight Pounding. Hands linked at my waste squeeze together in wordless affection. I stretch, forcing his legs to straighten with mine.

I can feel his arms secure around me His cock against the curve of my ass His cock Sleepiness is replaced by a sudden burst of energy and deviousness. Instead, I let him tease me. I cry out. Slowly I rub my legs against his. His cock is hitting my G-spot over and over again, I can hear how juicy my pussy is, can hear the wetness each time he slams into me.

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My clit is on fire and I am wetter than I can remember being in a while. I can feel his cock beginning to swell between my legs behind me as he wakes. Swipe to see who's online now! It also didn't belong in romance.

Please categorize correctly. I move slowly-ha, two can play at the teasing game, you bastard. This is a true story.

He is taking me from behind roughly now, pounding into me with such force that I wouldn't be surprised if there was a hole in the wall behind the bed later. Shivers course through me and I feel my nipples beginning to harden. Cant wait to hear more!!

He slides back into his original position behind me, holding me close once again. Log In Up. Explore New Story. I can feel how close I am to coming. I need the friction, need him to realize how horny I am becoming. He is thrusting his hips now, squeezing my tits in big hands and twisting my dark nipples between his fingers.

A Midnight Pounding. Better than most! Knowing what I want, he begins to suck at the sensitive spot under my ear, moving towards my pulse point. He places kisses against the back of my neck. We move together, him sliding into me and me thrusting backwards into him. He thrusts even faster as I feel his come shoot into me.

First-person, present-tense is a strange choice for this sort of writing, but it's not terrible here, as this re kind of like a dream sequence. My breath catches and my core is throbbing, juice dripping onto the cock I can feel between my legs. It throbs in time with my rapid heartbeat and that last touch undoes me. I'm moaning now, loud, open-mouthed pants that I don't currently care if the neighbors hear. With a deep breath he begins to regain wakefulness. I want to see how much of his come I can keep in my pussy, how tight I'd have to make my pussy to hold it all.

I think this story is more of erotic coupling than romance, which 2 of the commenters failed to specify in their complaining dissatisfaction. My muscles squeeze his cock, milking every drop. I use one hand to reach down and stroke him, spreading my juices all over his hardness.

It's hot, throbbing and eager for his touch.

I had just shaved that afternoon and they were silky smooth on his hot skin. I shift his hand away from my pussy with a groan.

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We spoon, shirtless back to naked front. I scream, shuddering in his arms and feeling powerful contractions deep in my pussy. I want to explode all over him And I do. We drift off, and that night I dream of being taken from behind in all sorts of other places-our kitchen floor This story was great, and my juices are flowing, which I will have my husband take care of later. Story info. I want to feel him slamming into me, pumping in and out I want to come all over them, squeezing them tight with the intensity of my orgasm.

I notice his big hand resting on the swell of my left breast, and nipple is pressing into his palm now, hard and sensitive. Positioning my ass so that it is firmly against him with his cock between my legs, I begin to thrust my hips slightly.

By now the lips of my pussy are throbbing. I move so his tip is between my pussy lips. My nipples are throbbing now, from pleasure and the way he is pinching them. I push my breast against the hand holding me, using my other to press his hand harder against me. Good luck. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. I move faster, back and forth, feeling my ass slamming into him. It's a position we have never tried before and the new angle sends tingles up and down my spine and Lookin for midnight pounding throughout my pussy.

I feel his warmth seeping through me as we exchange sleepy endearments. While I noticed the misspelling, it didn't interfere with my enjoyment of an otherwise well-written and sexy story. The tips of his fingers just manage to graze my opening.

Please keep writing I gave up, the above is one example of why.

He rubs it back and forth, finger sliding in my wetness, losing some friction but he just rubs harder to make up for it. He fills me up just as I had wanted, and I feel our combined juices leaking out from between my swollen lips as he pulls out. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box.

Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This is not a romance story. He reaches down and slides his finger along my clit. If your goal was to give me a huge, aching erection, you succeeded. I want to feel my pussy contract around him, squeezing him for every last drop. These thoughts cause me to grind faster along his cock, slicking it with my warm juice. He often bottoms out in me and I can feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of my pussy. I want more I want to feel four of his fingers plunging into my throbbing hole, stretching it wide open for his cock.

I begin to grind softly against him.

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He moves further back towards the opening of my pussy and only manages to tease me due to our position. He's squeezing my tits, using them for leverage and making me cry out in pleasure. You are a great writer, and i VERY much looking forward to more of your stories!!

And he is. I turn slightly so that he has access to my throat and side of my neck. He reaches down and rubs my clit with practiced ease.