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I pretty much never pick up my camera out of a sense of duty. I pick it up because I want to document something or capture something. I take pictures for the sheer joy of it.

I Love Taking Pictures

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I'm based in Boston and live with my husband, Eric, and our dog, Maki named after the sushi. The best way to capture a dish or a whole table of plates is to get the shot from above. First off, you can be discrete about taking pictures. Recipe Archive.

Love taking pictures? here's some good news for you

You may see them pop up in photos once in a while though, if not here, definitely on Instagram. Even if the dish is beautiful and the composition of the shot is perfect, the picture is going to come out super grainy. I'm constantly finding ways to get creative in an environment when the light may not be ideal. Taking pictures is fun! Both patrons and servers get weird when they see a camera pointed at them and I don't blame them for that A phone, however, can be used to take a picture without anyone noticing.

If you do shoot from the side, keep your shot simple and with minimal props, because everything in the shot will remain in focus.

Remember that taking pictures with your phone is the same as using a DSLR Use the other elements composition and lighting to elevate the subject or create a mood. I wanted to share a few points from that class with you today: 1. Thanks for stopping off at A Thought For Food. They'll like that more.

It's easier to capture the environment of a restaurant when you're not whipping out a massive lens. I've gone as far as to put my food on the sidewalk, using the bricks as my surface. As a photographer, there's something very liberating about shooting with a smart phone.

Ever since I started working professionally as a food photographerI do like to take a break from my camera from time to time. Over the last few months, I've started teaching classes on iPhoneography for folks who are interested in amping up their food photos. You can even let them be your model. Hope you enjoy your time on my site and that you leave feeling inspired to cook! It gets me thinking outside the box and that may be the most important thing for us as artists.

If your friends are ing you at a restaurant, let them in on the experience. Older Post Pimm's and Tonic. Action can be the subject.

Why i love to take pictures

Follow On Instagram. On a recent trip to Vegas, I only took my camera out once, opting to use my phone to take all my pictures. And then let them eat. Despite the challenges of carrying a camera everywhere, this was my creative outlet and I loved capturing my favorite restaurants and landmarks.

The above pictures were taken at the following places listed in order of appearance :. Because the iPhone doesn't have the same depth of field capabilities as a DSLR, shooting from the side doesn't always work as well as one would like. Shoot from above. I rarely bring it along when we go out to eat or are traveling anymore. Texture does a lot to make a smart phone image interesting. I also feel like I've grown tremendously as a photographer because of the amount I shoot with my phone. Use natural light I see it all the time.

Sometimes you just need a little space. To see some more of my iPhone shots, head on over to Instagram. I'm at a restaurant and someone takes a picture and they light up the room with their phone's flash. They'll like that. And to see my husband's pictures of me taking pictures of food, check out his TumblrWaiting For It: Married to a Food Photographer. It's incredibly difficult to take a shot of food with your phone in a dimly lit room. I wanted to share a few points from that class with you today:. The first time I brought a camera into a restaurant was over two years ago.

My suggestion, and this goes for all restaurant photography even with a DSLRis to only shoot during the day or during day light. This was before I'd purchased my first smart phone, and I lugged around my hefty camera and lenses wherever I went.

This can be as simple as shooting the dish on a rustic table think aged wood or textured background. I'm Brian, a food and beverage photographerand I launched this blog in as a way to share my vegetarian and pescatarian recipes and post some random thoughts on food hence the name and stuff I love taking pictures going on in my life like a journal!!!

Or I see a dish and think, "Ok, what are all the ways I can shoot this? Stuff I love.