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Elitesingles Chinese women in Lonaconing Maryland pick guy especially for phish

The Potomac League was a minor league baseball league that played a partial season as a Class D league in

Chinese Women In Lonaconing Maryland

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Mother Jones has been doing her usual amount of good work with the coal miners of Lonaconing, Pa [Maryland]. Such a woman, as a rule, loves her home and family better than the society woman who hands her children over to hired people to rear. Union-made pianos are hereafter to have union labels upon them.

So many years ago that I have forgotten. The poor man has no rights any more, and all we workers will get will be what we stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for, miners and all other workingmen included. Labor is the basis of all society. The region is being patrolled by union miners and a fresh outbreak is expected at any time.

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We had a visit from a sort of a missionary not long ago. A woman should surely be interested in her surroundings and her home and do her part to uplift both. The procession marched and countermarched through the main streets of Lonaconing. Hugh Muir, a prominent resident of Lonaconing and a member of the United Mine Workers, was here yesterday to obtain advice regarding entering a libel suit against one of the strike leaders.

She at once took hold of affairs, Organizer William Warner and Thomas Haggerty becoming secondary in importance. I have taken part in strikes all over the country, and have always urged peaceful methods. She received liberal applause, and a of ladies were present to hear her.

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The courts of Cumberland are God Almighty in the State of Maryland, and there is no justice for the laborer in them. The man or woman who will not fight for his or her rights is unworthy to be a father or mother.

A woman becomes no less a woman when she studies social and political conditions and takes part in public affairs. Well, I have never been identified with the movement or belonged to any organization that was. She is evidently over the half-century mark, but is as active as a young girl. Mother Jones rode in a carriage and Organizers Warner and Haggerty followed on foot. Colorado, where women vote, is the only State that has taken steps to investigate the labor laws of Australia and New Zealand with a view of adopting them.

Every union in the city will be visited and asked to contribute. He was looking after himself, though.

A motherly, good natured face is lighted by kindly blue eyes and crowned by silver hair. A broadened intellect teaches her to love her home better. We are making history, and she will live in its s. The excellent labor laws of Australia and New Zealand came only after women began to vote.

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In describing the alleged deplorable condition of some of the mine workers in [West? The following article is clipped from the editorial of the Philadelphia North Americanillustrated by a double column likeness of our well-beloved sister:.

A of banners were carried bearing inscriptions demanding 60 cents a ton. When did I begin this work? The scenes attending the speech-making of Mother Jones are intensely dramatic, as, indeed, they well might have been, judging by the Meyersdale situation and the character of the woman labor leader.

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Mother Jones was accorded great honors. If you could be there and see little children coming up out of the minesyou would not want to be missionaries to China, but would become missionaries to the coal fields.

If those fellows over there in China had stayed at home and minded their own business they would be better off, and so would we. The organization seems to be divided and is believed by many to be disintegrating. It is expected that another batch will be sworn out in the case of the brutal assault on James Stapleton, the roman yesterday. All these complex problems will be solved peacefully in time through the molding of public sentiment and the ballot box.

She speaks deliberately, with a pleasant voice suggestive of an ancestry to be credited to Ireland, and uses excellent language. Roosevelt wants a job. The charge grows out of a publication by a strike organization.

By talking to the miners and their families there she has persuaded them to remain on strike. No truer, braver or more devoted champion of the right ever graced the earth.

You know how much justice they will get. Jones does not look like the fiery agitator that she has been described.

The circular call was supposed to have been issued from non-union sources and the union men proceeded to capture the meeting. For president, J. Sullivan; for first vice-president, William Biggins and George D. Simpson; for second vice-president, William H. Thompson and J.

Pearson; recording secretary, H. Elchleberger; financial secretary, George Greisman; treasurer, John W. Joseph J. Robinson, editor of the Lonaconing Star, Robert A. Dick, who addressed tho anti-strike meeting; Mayor Thompson and others have made information. I go wherever I think I can be of use.

God bless her. The Federation of Labor is arranging a series of mass meetings for the near future to be addressed by her. The procession marched to music from a bass drum, a fife and a horn. Why, every mine workman was made to turn out and cheer for him. Her life will be held up as an example to emulate in that better day when right shall rule.