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Casual sex boasts the benefits of being a modern woman: freedom, confidence, independence.

Casual Sex In Independence

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Our casual hookup culture may promise greater independence and excitement. It's a means to sex without too many or any strings attached. But that lack of strings also comes with downsides: the divorce of love and sex means that we're more likely to have painful and awkward sexual experiences. Marriage in the US is in open retreat. While it is often stated that 90 percent of the world's pornography can be traced back to San Fernando, California, this material reaches around the globe.

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I know that I can be a strong and independent woman no matter what, but depending on a man for casual sex feels less independent. Requests as small as a faster response over text and requests for more intimacy can be equally too scary to ask for — I mean what if you spook them out of the hookup all together?

There are so many nuances in a relationship of this kind, and so many social norms that keep us from getting what we want. In an ideal world a casual hookup would mean mutual dependence on each other for sex — so why does it never feel mutual? I have never felt that I have the power, but perhaps thinking of a relationship in terms of power is problematic in itself.

Want to keep up with HCBU? If not, however, I need to have the maturity and foresight to remove myself from that relationship.

Fair warning, however, I do have a particularly cynical view of men, and especially college men. Make sure to like us on Facebookfollow us on Instagramcheck out our Pinterest board, and read our latest Tweets!

Am I selling myself short? Is it even possible to have that equality within a casual hookup, and how do we achieve it?

I suppose that you, reader, are following along now because you have similar questions. Does that make the relationship less casual?